Courage to Rebuild

A public art project celebrating over 40 years of Vietnamese achievements in the United States
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Public Unveiling: Saturday, May 20, 2017 at 11:00am at Asian Garden Mall in Westminster, CA

The Vietnamese Culture Alliance (VACA) is pleased to announce that Courage to Rebuild, a public art project commemorating the 40th anniversary of Vietnamese immigration to the United States."Of Two Lineages" is a contemporary re-telling of an ancient Vietnamese legend about a king named Lạc Long Quân who meets and marries a princess named Âu Cơ. From their union one hundred eggs are born. After hatching, fifty of the children follow their father seaward to his kingdom, and the other half ascend to the mountains with their mother. These one hundred children are believed to be the ancestors of the Vietnamese people, who often refer to themselves as Con Rồng, Cháu Tiên, or children of the Dragon and the Fairy.